Skills Retraining Opinion Piece

24th February 2021

We created this commentary last year, in response to the misplaced Government campaign looking to help those adversely affected by industry closures and the job losses due to COVID-19.  We feel that now, in a third national lockdown, this is still a vital conversation that should be happening amongst companies and for job seekers alike. What does the jobs market have to offer candidates and how flexible should individuals be when crossing industry thresholds?

As a growth agency who works with organisations to strategise and execute a variety of marketing campaigns, we found the misplaced messaging in the Government ‘Cyber First’ retraining campaign to show a real disconnect & lack of understanding. This is not news, this campaign has been highly criticised by those in these targeted industries, the general public, celebrities in the field have spoken out and even fellow politicians have voiced their opinions.

We do, however, agree that something should be in place to help those who have struggled to find employment due to the closure of the arts and hospitality industries, among so many more, an issue which has been prolonged for longer than many thought and hoped that it would. 

In our short opinion piece, we offer our DiscoverWork insight into how the campaign very much missed the mark, while highlighting how skills can be capitalised on in a vastly disrupted jobs market