Member Benefits

At DiscoverWork, we care about our members, therefore we strive to make sure that you get the best out of our service. We offer a great deal of benefits alongside our tailored experience which allows you to not only find your perfect role or ideal candidate but also benefit from the process that comes with it. 

As a member of DiscoverWork, receive benefits such as:

  • Entry to our database of companies and job listings, with the ability to see a more in-depth view of companies and their culture compared to other recruitment sites.
  • The ability to build a personalised profile. Including a variety of personal and professional preferences to help us identify the perfect opportunity and company for you.
  • Resources to save jobs for later and directly message hiring managers.
  • Search for both companies and jobs, as well as appearing in relevant hiring managers’ searches based on your personal and professional preferences.
  • Targeted email marketing including regular updates, roles tailored to your personal preferences and access to exclusive relevant content.
  • Access to regular industry blog posts including news, insights, videos and company profiles.
  • Exclusive opportunities to network with/learn from industry specific professionals.
  • Personal knowledge of featured enterprises, from growing startups to already established global corporations.
  • Community support including personalised training and career development opportunities that continue beyond the recruitment process.
  • Our community goes above and beyond for all members, no matter where you are in your career. Your DiscoverWork journey does not end when you find a role, providing continual support.

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