About Us

Join a Unique Community

DiscoverWork is not your standard employment agency, our innovative recruitment platform aims to inject emotion into the role discovery process, allowing our members to find the perfect role for them through businesses telling their story and allowing individuals to join our unique community.

We want to ensure our members are happy at work which we believe stems from them being matched with the right opportunity. This is why we give our members an authentic and comprehensive view of each company before they embark on their interview journey. We believe that company culture matching is of the utmost importance when navigating the hiring process, yet it is often overlooked.

Find the Perfect Candidate

DiscoverWork is a platform that enables companies/employers to create engaging employer brand messages to enhance the talent experience, therefore attracting the perfect candidates. It is a platform for job seekers and businesses to connect, and aims to approach employer branding on an emotional level.

We use our expertise in HR, recruitment and marketing to link businesses of all sizes to the perfect candidates, keeping emotion and impact at the forefront throughout the process.