Visualisation. Think It Be It

03rd December 2019

The power of visualisation. What is it exactly and why should we be embracing visualisation in order to climb to the top?  

We all have aspirations, both personally and for our careers; a position you’d like to achieve or a promotion you’d love to get, perhaps it is a career change or finally starting that business you’ve always imagined yourself running. Visualisation is the idea of mentally forming an image of your goals and the things you want to achieve, making the desire and drive to do so even stronger, and the goal more achievable. This has become an incredibly popular form of motivation over the past few years; celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith and Jim Carey are big advocates of visualisation as a tool for success - not bad company to keep!

How to utilise this tool?

It’s pretty simple really.  All you need to do is define your goal, the thing you want to achieve and, as it says on the tin, visualise yourself in that position or executing that action: working in that new role, in your new office, working at your new company or receiving that promotion. The positivity around continuously visualising your goal and truly believing you can and will achieve it gives you the mindset and the confidence to actually achieve it. 

Who Can Benefit?

So where might you find that visualisation can help you to achieve your goals? And who should be visualising their next career move?  

Well, anyone who is striving for a change in their career, this might include: 

The Climber

The need to upskill and develop as you work your way up in the workplace is so important as we continue through the digital skills gap. Some businesses are very good at incorporating this upskilling and training into their responsibilities as an employer, however, all too often the responsibility lies on the individuals as employees. The skills you don’t possess but need in order to progress in your career can be developed by you, in your own time and visualisation can begin to help you get there! 

The Entrepreneur

More and more individuals are taking the leap to go it alone, to start their own venture or side hustle, and this takes drive. This drive to push yourself towards your goals could well be found with the use of visualisation. Visualise your successful new business and the confident, capable version of yourself running it. 

The Serial Career Jumper

Employees are jumping jobs much more frequently than ever before, which can partially be attributed to new generations joining the workplace. These employees are more likely to go self-employed and change jobs more frequently. Generation Z, that’s everyone under the age of 24 (born between 1995-2015) are three times more likely to change jobs than Baby Boomers.  Fortune reported that 20% of Gen Z would average around four or more full-time jobs in a few years, whereas Baby Boomers average only two jobs in a decade! Finding and starting a new career is no mean feat, dedication and a real belief in your own abilities are necessary; visualise yourself in your new career!  

Returning To Work

When returning from a sabbatical, maternity or paternity leave it’s common to want a slightly different kind of career. Many individuals take this opportunity to reassess what they want from their job and reach out to achieve the kind of role which suits them best. This, again, often takes different skills and demands different qualities, so using visualisation as part of your decision making and the plan-forming process is a great way to clear and focus your mind on your new goal. 

Wherever you are in your career or life, visualisation can help you reach your future goals.

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe”
– Oprah Winfrey.