The Benefits Of A Workplace Culture Focused Environment

26th March 2020

Workplace culture is fast becoming a focus for employees and, more importantly, for businesses and employers. We believe that this is something to be championed, and matching employers with individuals who fit into their company culture is what we do at DiscoverWork. Company culture exists whether the business applies focus to it or not; so, we’re opening up on what we understand makes a culture-focused working environment, the benefits that can be gained from this and why it is that businesses should be raising their game to foster these environments. 

Culture: "The way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time."

- Cambridge Dictionary

Workplace culture, therefore, will clearly have the power to mould the manner in which employees conduct themselves, approach working relationships and both represent and feel about the company they work for. To expect the best from employees, the business must also provide them with the best!  But, why is a culture focused environment so beneficial, and why is it something candidates are caring about more and more? 

People-focused hiring 

With culture at the forefront of a business, the approach to selecting new employees will also, naturally, be people and culture focused. Fostering a positive workplace culture through people is key to carrying that culture forward. 

If the hiring process is people-focused and not driven purely by urgency, the company will benefit from candidates who are both drawn to the company due to its culture and also motivated by it. It is also through the hiring and onboarding process that candidates, successful or not, gain their first impression of the company; and first impressions play a vital role in shaping employer branding. 

Staff Retention

A business which creates a positive culture for the people working within it, can retain staff for an extended period compared to those who do not value culture. When putting a focus on culture throughout onboarding and day-to-day management practices, staff are allowed a greater sense of accomplishment, job satisfaction and overall happiness in their role.  All together these can build a greater sense of job ownership, which in turn, can improve the value an employee attaches to their job and their individual role in the company, increasing their dedication and longevity at the business. 

Employee Wellbeing & Performance

A workplace culture focused environment is by nature, employee-focused, not exclusively, but employees are certainly a main focus.  Businesses who drive culture focused environments forward understand that people who feel comfortable, heard and valued in the workplace, not over-worked, over-stretched or over-looked, are better functioning employees with a higher sense of wellbeing.  Happier employees are not only more likely to stay with the company longer but are also proven to be more productive.  Focusing on creating a culture which is enjoyable to work within can decrease sick days, avoid stress-related health issues and burn out and increase sense of achievement and therefore new idea generation.  Employee wellbeing can be built in the form of perceived value attached to the employee but also through management style, employee appreciation, opportunity for growth and training and even reviewing things like holiday time and flexible working allowances. A study by the Social Market Foundation found that employees who had experienced happiness, long or short term, were 20% more productive when carrying out tasks.  By focusing on workplace culture through improving employee wellbeing, the business will benefit from better functioning employees and higher productivity. 

Forming Business Identity

The identity of a business is formed by the people who work within it, the practices followed both internally and externally, and the values which are supported throughout the business.  The culture that is promoted unavoidably becomes the business’ identity, so ensure that the practised workplace culture reflects the desired business values and therefore identity.

Financial Benefits of Workplace Culture

Not only does a positive and nurtured culture create happier, more productive employees, but a workplace culture focused environment could, in fact, increase stock prices. “The stock prices of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work for" rose 14% per year from 1998 to 2005, while companies not on the list only reported a 6% increase”, and the focus on company culture has only risen since 2005.

A workplace culture focused environment allows for increased job ownership, strong communication channels and increased staff wellbeing; building that workplace culture can be achieved through acknowledging culture fit, how staff are on-boarded and introduced to the company and workplace practices and investing time in reviewing current processes and management techniques to align with business values. 

If you’re looking to place new employees into your business, our platform allows you to portray your company culture to attract just the right kind of individuals for you. Let us do the legwork while you concentrate on running your business. You can get in touch here.